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Search Quality: Doing What’s Best For Job Seekers Indeed was founded on a simple idea: we help people find jobs. To deliver on that promise, we provide job seekers with the most comprehensive and relevant search results possible. If there is a job available, we want to make sure it can be found quickly and […]

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Beware the office downer: How to contain the bad vibes

By Shelley DuBois, writer-reporter October 10, 2012: 10:27 Research suggests that negative attitudes at work stand to contaminate a company’s culture. But there are a few antidotes to this problem. FORTUNE — Goodness knows, plenty workers have reason to complain these days. And yet, most every office has a couple people who take that right a […]

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140 Characters of Risk: Some CEOs Fear Twitter

140 Characters of Risk: Some CEOs Fear Twitter Social-Media Gaffes Make Some Chiefs Leery of Twitter, but a Few Brave Ones Embrace It By LESLIE KWOH And MELISSA KORN When General Electric Co. GE -0.22% Chief Executive Jeffrey Immelt tweeted for the first time this month, his “Hello Twitter” was greeted with some snarky replies, including this one: “@JeffImmelt how come […]

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Indeed provides jobs and hope for people!

Indeed provides jobs and hope for people! I have been using for 5 years and have told thousands of people about it from all over the world. My clients are successful in their job search and one of the reasons is because they use I have been a career coach for 14 years. […]

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Authentic Cover Letters – It’s ok to be you!

I wanted to share one of our dear jane client’s cover letter with you and feel free to forward this sample to your friends and colleagues.  I have changed the names to protect the innocent 🙂 and received permission from this client to share her cover letter with you. What is amazing about this cover […]

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Thoughts from the Bart Station

Thoughts from the Bart station! By Rebecca Martin Founder, dear jane…a career services company…   As I drove into the Bart station this past Tuesday morning I was amazed at how crowded the parking lot was. I was pleasantly surprised. In my world, people are either on the verge of losing their jobs or have […]

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Are you bored? Are you interested in finding part-time work while you look for a full-time job?

Most of us panic when we are unemployed and looking for work. Well their are solutions believe it or not. Why don’t you check out the list below and share it with all of your friends and family. While you are job hunting you might want to learn more about tutoring, basketweaving, or blogging. Check out […]

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