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CAREER STRATEGIES FOR BUILDING A STRONG AND LOYAL CUSTOMER BASE No matter what industry you are in or what profession you have chosen, below are some tips and advice on how to build a stronger customer base. I coach people all the time who are in mid-life with their careers or maybe just starting out […]

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Using Social Media in the Higher Education Job Search

Using Social Media in the Higher Education Job Search I just wanted to share an article that I thought was interesting. We were interviewed in the article as well, which is exciting for us because our mission at dear jane Inc. is to communicate real-time, up-to-date career management tips, techniques and strategies as well as […]

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What do you do when you have been forced or pushed out of a job you loved

I have coached many clients and people (myself included) on how to deal with being forced to resign or being pushed out of a job that they really liked or even loved. Most of us have had this happen.  If you have never experienced this type of treatment in your career you are blessed. If you […]

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Thoughts from the Bart Station

Thoughts from the Bart station! By Rebecca Martin Founder, dear jane…a career services company…   As I drove into the Bart station this past Tuesday morning I was amazed at how crowded the parking lot was. I was pleasantly surprised. In my world, people are either on the verge of losing their jobs or have […]

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Networking Tips

    What is Networking? The exchange of information or services among individuals, groups or institutions. Sharing information by having personal and professional conversations.   Why is Networking so important to your job search? It’s the best way to get your own message out there. It’s about gathering information such as: Company, Salary, Market, etc. […]

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So they made you an offer….

So they made you an offer… Even the most savvy job seeker can experience a temporary lapse in judgement when faced with an enticing job offer. But before you sign on the dotted line, stop and think. Do you have all the information necessary to make an informed decision? I mean all the information, not […]

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Bragging! You need to do a lot of it during your job search process.

One of my clients just finished a great [short] book that you may find helpful,  Brag! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It.  Peggy Klaus is a communications coach who works with individuals and Fortune 500 companies on a national/international basis.  My client has known Peggy for many years through a professional woman’s organization […]

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