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Interviewing: Thank you notes, following up and getting past the rejection.

Interviewing: Thank you notes, following up and getting past the rejection.   It is very important to remember that interviewing is good practice for you. I would like you to approach them like you would if you were having a business conversation. You are interviewing the hiring company to find out information so you can […]

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Interviewing Tips from USA Today News! Miriam Salpeter

What to Put in Your Interview Prep Toolkit By MIRIAM SALPETER November 28, 2012 RSS Feed Print Miriam Salpeter     Contrary to popular belief, the holiday season can be a great time to look for a job. Hiring continues right through the end of the year, so you’ll want to be ready for interviews. Since you will […]

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Knowledge is Power, diary entries from a dear jane client

Dear Jane Diaries: It’s important to view each interview as an assignment versus a potential job until an actual job offer is made.  Having your expectations too high can set you up for disappointment and also block you from missing one of the most important elements of the interview itself…what it offers for future interviews.  […]

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Authentic Cover Letters – It’s ok to be you!

I wanted to share one of our dear jane client’s cover letter with you and feel free to forward this sample to your friends and colleagues.  I have changed the names to protect the innocent 🙂 and received permission from this client to share her cover letter with you. What is amazing about this cover […]

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Bragging! You need to do a lot of it during your job search process.

One of my clients just finished a great [short] book that you may find helpful,  Brag! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It.  Peggy Klaus is a communications coach who works with individuals and Fortune 500 companies on a national/international basis.  My client has known Peggy for many years through a professional woman’s organization […]

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Pre-interview research…

 Hello Everyone, I wanted to share an article with you that I wrote last month for another website. I hope you can get some great tips from it.   Pre-Interview Research: Five tips to investigate a company before the interview.   By Rebecca Martin   The goal of any job interview is to get to […]

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Interview preparation- See list of questions below.

Interview Questions you will need to answer before you start interviewing. 1)       Tell me about yourself? 2)       What are your strengths? 3)       What are your weaknesses? 4)       Why do you want this job? 5)       Who was your favorite manager and why? 6)       Where would you like to be in your career in five years from […]

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The way you get treated during the Interview is the way you will be treated on the job!

I have so many clients that ask me how long they should wait in the lobby for the interviewer after they have signed in with the lobby receptionist.  I tell them, please don’t wait any longer than 30 minutes. Your time is very valuable and you need to respect yourself or they wont. After 10 minutes you should […]

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