HOW TO GET NOTICED by the HIRING MANAGERS and Stay Positive during your job search!

Differentiate yourself during your job search!

I know times are so tough for people right now in their job search and most people are barely hanging on regarding their search. But remember, what is needed now more than ever is to STAY FOCUSED, POSITIVE, and never never GIVE UP. Most of you need to DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF from other job seekers. Ok, so you ask, how does one do this? See the list below.

1) When you get scheduled for a telephone interview, ask the hiring manager or recruiters if you can meet the interviewer in person.

2) Don’t Panic and Don’t Quit your job search during December

3) Make sure your resume is professional, strong and a factual representation of your true professional experience.

4) Call Recruiters, HIring Managers, and Human Resource Professionals and ask them if you can stop by for 5 minutes and introduce yourself in person. Tell them  you will be in their area.

5) Send all Recruiters, Hiring Managers, and Human Resource Professionals holiday cards and wish them a happy holiday season.

6) Send out 8 resumes per day through

7) Contact at least 3 staffing agencies and schedule face to face interviews with them.

8) Don’t isolate and attend all the holiday parties you can. Network with everyone you know.

9) Go to at least one professional association meeting to meet people in your current profession.

10) Take a class that you need to take for your future job.

11) Exercise, meditate, get rest and eat healthy.

12) Don’t forget to write a gratitude list.

13) Don’t forget to write your career affirmations.

14) Contact your nearest One Stop Career Center in your city and sign up with them and take free classes and get free career coaching and advice.

15) Don’t forget to sign up for your extended unemployment benefits.

16) Do something nice for someone else at least once a day.

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  1. The Recruitment Consultant Partner June 24, 2011 at 9:54 am #

    Hi nice article there. I am the managing partner of a leading recruitment consulting company India from India. I’d like to say that Employers consider references very important—without them, people could claim the most amazing accomplishments on their resumes without fear of discovery. Sometimes they do anyway, despite the possibility of reference checks. But references are important in other ways as well. They offer opinions on your character, your work habits, your communication skills, your follow-through on commitments, your receptiveness to coaching, and other qualities. These traits are hard to discern from a resume.

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