A great answer for those who don’t have a college degree..

During the interview process, sometimes you will be asked if you have a college degree, oh and by the way an AA degree is a two  year college degree. The reason I mention the AA or AS degrees is because  many of my clients dismiss their two year degrees. Ok enough about that. Most clients that I coach, who don”t have degrees feel very ashamed of it or inadequate. They fear that it will hurt them and squelch their chances of getting a higher salary or a better job. One of my favorite clients from London told me that when he is asked the education/college question that he replies like this, “yes, you are correct, I don”t have a college degree and I am no different than Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, and Michael Dell in that regard, and I think for similar reasons, that we are highly intelligent doers rather than academics, we got smart on the job.

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