Are you bored? Are you interested in finding part-time work while you look for a full-time job?

Most of us panic when we are unemployed and looking for work. Well their are solutions believe it or not. Why don’t you check out the list below and share it with all of your friends and family. While you are job hunting you might want to learn more about tutoring, basketweaving, or blogging.
Check out the websites below. 
In case you want or NEED to find a part time position or contract work to make some money and supplement your unemployment benefits. Their are a lot of jobs that you can do at home. Remember, it will help you keep a positive attitude and  keep your spirits high!
 The list below has a few ideas that you might want to investigate during your time off.

1. Become a blogger

2. Menial tasks

3. SecondLife e-commerce

4. Worlds of Warcraft play-and-sell

5. Become a pro seller on eBay – Build an online ebay store

6. Join a paid focus group

7. Work as an information expert (, (, and JustAnswer (

8. Work as an extra on a film – call your local SAG/Screen Actors Guild Office

9. Tutoring – Post an ad on for your tutoring services or go to the website below.

10. Recycle used gear for cash

11. Become a temporary caregiver

12. Try basket weaving or selling cosmetics or


13. Take calls for Fortune 1000 companies

14. Teach English as a second language overseas

15. Join the peace corps

16. Become a freelance writer/editor

17. Great company to find part time work for technical sales and retail marketing

18. Check out part time jobs

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