Ask to be endorsed by someone you don’t know. Help Them Help You!

Dear jane readers, I get asked this question all the time. Do people really have the time to help me? Do they want to help me? And if so, what should I write about myself and how long should it be?

Here’s the scoop. YES,  people want to help people. But you have to do the work.  SERVE IT UP TO US. We aren’t going to do the work for you.

This is what happened to me the other day. I have changed the names to protect the innocent. Ha. It’s like the show Dragnet.
I know some of you who are old enough will remember Dragnet. 🙂 Most of you won’t.

My former client Judy Jones sent me via email a job opening for an International Event Manager position and asked me if I knew of anyone that would be good for the position. Of course I did and I sent it to one of my clients who is actively looking.

My client Jan Jacobs then submitted a summary of her qualifications and her resume attached to Judy Jones. My client made it easy for Judy to copy and paste everything into an email and send it off. We are now waiting for the interview. It took all of about 5 minutes for this to take place. Well of course my client had to do most of the work but when you are in job search that is how it is.

My former client was willing to help make the introduction because she trusted me. She didn’t even need to meet Jan. There are so many people willing to help if you just do a little bit of the work to HELP US HELP YOU.  This is about networking, hardwork, being ready to do the work, being confident, and timing.


Below is an example of the type of content and summary you should be providing us with to describe you and your accomplishments in a short email.


Good morning Debbie,


Alexandra Jones forwarded your candidate search email to me.  I am sending a candidate who has been referred by one of my colleagues Rebecca Martin of dear jane Inc., a career services company.


Jan Jacob’s resume is attached for your review and below are a few representative accomplishments which demonstrate her expertise.  She has a great deal of experience, you can contact her directly at (408)783-2905 or for the position of international event manager.


·             Oversee cross-functional team of key stakeholders: As Chair of  the Spring Fling fundraiser, worked with entertainers, vendors, committee volunteers, Spring Fling staff  (PR, Marketing, Membership, Landscaping and Maintenance) to produce the Spring Fling.  Led committee meetings.  In 2011, we had 2,034 guests and raised $30,000.


·             Research, select and manage vendors and venues:  appointed Committee Chair of SBI Holiday Reception committee.  Created goals and objectives for Board approval. Submitted RFPs and identified venue; arranged site visit with volunteers.  Monitored progress and ensured that deadlines were met.  In less than 2 months, committee finalized invitation, décor, entertainment, lighting and food and beverage.  Event broke even with 200+ guests.


·             Supervise support staff and interns:  as Conference Center Manager at, I managed a staff of 3.  I worked with them to ensure appropriate coverage of all in-house and city events.  I utilized temporary staff when needed.


She has also collaborated with cross-functional teams and is recognized as a team player with a keen eye for details.  I know that Jan looks forward to discussing how her background would benefit your company.


All the best to you in your new role and please don’t hesitate to reach out if I can be of further assistance.






Judy Jones

Community Relations

The Brand Company






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