Be like George Costanza on Seinfeld – “Whatever you think you should do, do the exact Opposite!”

Everyday I talk to clients and everyday they tell me that they have submitted resumes to companies like Wells Fargo, Bank of the West, PG&E, Kaiser, etc. and they always ask me, “why don’t the recruiters call me back?”

OK, are you ready for this answer? IN THIS MARKET, they receive 300-400 resumes per day. They are overwhelmed in this market. Even if the market was normal they still wouldn’t be able to call you back.

It’s your responsibility as the job seeker to HELP the RECRUITERS and HIRING MANAGERS HELP YOU GET HIRED. If you want to get a job in this market you have to works 3 times harder than you would in a normal job market. I know this is hard to hear but it’s true.

So why did I use the george costanza example? Because you can’t listen to your thoughts right now, you have to do the exact opposite of what you are thinking. For example if you are thinking that the recruiter is going to call you back, think again and take the initiative and call them. If you think that you would be imposing on a hiring manager if you called on him directly, just call him and wait and see how responsive he or she will be to your call. NO ONE in this job market that is still unemployed is pushing themselves out of there comfort zone. They are getting mired down with the negativity of the media and everyone around them. You have nothing to lose. So do the things that you normally wouldn’t do. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and take risks. NOBODY is doing it so you will stand out.


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