Can taking a personality or aptitude assessment help you find the perfect career?

As a career coach and trainer I have been using psychometric tests a.k.a. personal assessments to help clients identify their personality type and natural talents and abilities. These assessments are one way to learn about yourself and help you focus in on what type of job/career is going to make you happy. We all know that if you go towards your strengths, natural abilities and skills you will be more successful and prosperous. Most of us don’t know how to communicate our value and/or our core competencies to future hiring managers/employers. These assessments/tests will provide you with reports and information that is accurate and useful to you during your job search. Please check out the links below and the information about Marcus Buckingham.  (free site) please take the Jung typology test and then go get the book, “Do What You Are,” and copy the chapter that describes your type, i.e. ESFJ. It’s fun and informative reading. ($6.95 per month) Go to this site and take the IQ, Aptitude, and their version of the Personality Test. It is based on the DISC methodology. (I only ask people to take the IQ test if they tell me they think they are stupid or not very smart.) I BELIEVE WE ARE ALL BRILLIANT no matter what your background is. You don’t have to be “double ivy” and grow up with a trust fund and be friends with Al Gore or George Bush to get into a great college. Ok don’t get me started. The two most widely used Personality assessments in corporate America are the Meyers Briggs and the DISC.

The information below came from Marcus Buckingham’s website. He wrote a book called Now, Discover Your Strengths (coauthored with Donald O. Clifton, The Free Press, 2001); This book has been widely used by individuals in corporations, universities, high schools and colleges.

 It’s About Results”

“Our company’s greatest asset is our people!”

It’s a nice motto, but it’s meaningless without introspection and application. And the truth is, people aren’t your greatest asset, unless they’re in position to leverage their greatest strengths – those things they do well consistently and energetically.

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