Career Affirmations…Try them, they work!

I started asking my clients to write career affirmations and it has been helping them overcome their fears during their job search process. One client in london wrote the affirmation below.


“I know I will find a job where I am valued for the unique and broad skill set that I bring to the table, and this will happen in the next 6 months. I am very secure about my company research and interviewing skills.  I am lucky because owing to my experience I have many options, and I will listen to my inner guidance and make the perfect job choice for my career.”

She is now a CFO for a Venture Capital firm and is very happy, content, and received a great compensation package.

hint: just ask yourself what your two biggest fears are in job search and write them down and then rewrite them as career affirmations and make them very positive. Try it, it works!!

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