No matter what industry you are in or what profession you have chosen, below are some tips and advice on how to build a stronger customer base.

I coach people all the time who are in mid-life with their careers or maybe just starting out in their new profession. They are always looking for new ways to generate revenue and build new relationships with customers or clients and maintain stronger relationships in business.

It’s so important to know who you are, what differentiates you and what your value proposition is. Take some time to really ask yourself these questions. Also, I would recommend that you buy books that Thom Singer and Peggy Klaus have written. The books they have written are great tools to use and they share a warehouse of information with the reader that will help increase business success.


1) First ask yourself “what is unique about you” and how you personally and professionally are different from your competitors. In today’s world people are buying from people, not companies anymore. So you will always need to differentiate yourself and learn how to communicate a stronger value proposition. Do you know what your value proposition is?

2) Make sure you have profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. You will need to market yourself, your brand and your business products and services to everyone, not just the same old audience. Our customers come from all ages and backgrounds. Reaching a younger audience is also imperative to your success.

3) Build a contact database and send out newsletters, tips, strategies, and information. Give people options. If you have a database start using it. ICONTACT and CONSTANT CONTACT are great newsletter programs and are really affordable.

4) Build a schedule for yourself and devote at least 3 hours per day on prospecting and cold calling.

5) Don’t give up. The harder you work the luckier you are!

6) From a product standpoint you will have to become an expert in your product but also know your competitors products and learn how to sell against them while never showing the customer that’s what you are doing.

7) Link your products with their needs. Conduct a lot of research up front about the customer or potential customer and really make them feel like you understand their business and want to help their business. It’s all about saving money and generating a profit, so if you can’t help them save money on then show them how you can help them improve their business operations, and reduce their risk and liability, etc.

8) People don’t trust big companies anymore and they sure don’t trust financial institutions. So keep telling your customers or potential customers how you are different. Find out what their personal and professional goals are long term and help them to achieve their goals.

9) Increasing their exposure! How can you help them market their businesses? Can you set up a referral program? QUID PRO QUO – give to get!

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