Career Tip for the day! Refresh your resume – Don’t leave it hanging out there in cyber space

I want to let you know about the three job boards you should be posting on to get results. Recruiters only look at the last two days of postings. So you can’t forget to refresh your resumes every three days. What this means is that you need to go into your resume profiles on these sites and make changes to them and then save changes. This will refresh the resume and bring it to the top of the pile. My clients that do this have 3-4 interviews per week. People are getting hired everyday and there are a lot of jobs in the US despite what they say about unemployment. Hang in there and keep focused. Also, check out the job fairs at

You need to post on,, when looking for a job. Now if you are High Tech Professional you should post on and if you are in Bio Tech you should post on

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