Cold Calling to get the interview! You have to be bold!

Hi Everyone, Well it’s Academy Award night and all of the actors, actresses, and producers, etc. are waiting to see if they will receive the most significant award of their careers, THE OSCAR. I call this show my super bowl! I love it and being a former actress and entertainment junkie I can’t say enough about the entertainment industry and how much I have enjoyed watching the classic movies over the years.

Ok, so you are asking yourself, what the #$$$$!!!**%%%$$ does this have to do with cold calling for the interview. Well everything, I have been coaching clients in todays market to BE ASSERTIVE and DIFFERENT, to be the BEST THEY CAN BE and start contacting hiring managers, human resource professionals and recruiters to schedule the interview and close the deal as they say (get the offer).

Job seekers have to give their best performances in today’s market. They have to be delivering their Oscar winning interviews. How does this translate? Never take things for granted, this job market is like nothing we have ever seen. In acting, my coach used to say, “Rebecca even if you have one line in the film, commercial or on the stage, you have to deliver an OSCAR winning performance! It was great advice and I have always remembered it. So don’t just sit back and wait for the calls from recruiters, etc. CALL THEM and get the Interview! Meet them Face to Face so you can show them exactly who you are and why they should hire you. I guarantee you that your competitors aren’t doing this.

Write your cold calling script, rehearse it and call! You won’t be wasting your time and trust me you will be taken seriously and get the job. Good luck.

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