Do you know what your market value is? or what you were paid in 2007?

I wanted to give you information about how to conduct your salary research. I have links below that I use all of the time to help my clients with determining their market value.

The list below.

After you have reviewed  your salary and the details about it then you must validate it with three types of professionals that are currently working in the market. 1) Please review it with an HR Professional 2) A hiring manager or an executive 3) A Recruiter or Headhunter that works for a staffing/recruiting/search firm. It’s very important to validate your salary in today’s market. Most people who have been employed for more than 5-10 years are being paid lower than their market value.

I just want you to be prepared when you go into negotiations. I don’t want you to leave money on the table. It’s too hard to make it up after you get hired. If you are professional and business minded most people when you counter will say YES!






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