Do you work to make a difference or do you work to make a living?

What motivates you in life? Your family, independence, new challenges in work or personal life, money, helping others, being of service to the community, or making a difference in our world today?  What are you passionate about? What are your hobbies and  interests? Wow, did you ever stop to think about answering these questions? I never did until I turned 40 years old and then I said to myself I want the next 40 years to mean something. I want to work at a job that I love and care about. I know what you are thinking, you are thinking that I am some miss pollyanna that has her head in the clouds and who wants to be a good citizen and save the world.

Well no that’s not it. I was pushed out of my last job after being in the recruiting business for 7.5 years. The company I had worked for was purchased by the ENEMY (our direct competitor, NO NOT REALLY) and at the time I was the top producer in the company making a six figure salary. My colleagues and I were on top of the world. We had just come out of the .com crisis (400,000 people were laid off in Northern California) and from 2001-2004 it was hideous trying to sell staffing, but we hung in there and after seven rounds of layoffs the drama was over. Ok back to being pushed out, the company that purchased us would have never hired me or let me say that the manager who inherited me would never have hired me, but I think he felt like he had to. Whatever, I am not being a victim I just know what it’s like to be pushed out of a company and have to turn your book of business over to a co-worker and train her on your old job. BUT THE BEST THING THAT CAME OUT OF THAT DRAMA WAS DEAR JANE…

I told my mom who is my best buddy and biggest fan that I was so tired of the recruiting and staffing industry and that I wanted to get paid for the all free career advice I had been giving to my candidates over the 7.5 year period I was in the staffing industry. So my journey began, I left corporate america and became a consultant and started doing what I loved. I should have been an education major in college but I wasn’t. I took the CBEST and became a substitute teacher. I loved the middle school kids and spent 1.5 years subbing. Then I decided I couldn’t pay my rent so I went to work for Lee Hecht Harrison and started coaching adults and working in my private practice at dear jane. Now I coach and teach adults and I love it.  I could go on and on but I won’t bore you. 

My whole life I had been obsessed with working. I am a workaholic I guess you could say. I love it because to me it brings me freedom on many different levels. When I was a kid, I didn’t play with barbies, I played Office Manager and CEO, and also loved TROLLs. Yikes. Not normal but oh well.

So now after 35 years of working (since the age of 10) I have found my dream job and my niche. I love love love coaching people during career transitions, after they have been fired, laid off, or had a nervous breakdown and are coming back from medical leave, etc.

So I want you to ask yourself those questions above and really start to think about what you would love to do and start doing it. IF YOU DON’T START HEADING IN THE DIRECTION OF YOUR DREAMS, PASSIONS, HOBBIES, INTERESTS, AND MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR LIFE, YOU WON’T END UP THERE.

Thank you Nelline, my friend and client for telling me how you took a sabbatical from an executive career and went to Africa to make a difference. I enjoyed hearing about your dreams. And love the quote above. :):)

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