Don’t start your job search out in last place!

Remember when you were a kid and you played sports or participated in some type of competition? Did you ever visualize yourself in last place? NO! probably not.

Well then why do you start your job search out in LAST PLACE IN YOUR MIND? Everyday I hear my clients say the following:

I know I will have to take a cut in pay because this is a terrible job market.

I really don’t mind taking less money I just want to get in and prove myself to the company and management team and then they will see my value.

It’s too risky in this market to change industries or professions, even though I am miserable I will just stay put and ride this out.

If I have to take a lower paying job and a lower position (i.e. going from director to manager or manager to supervisor) that will be fine, I just need a job.


When you start your job search first you will want to build a career action plan, some people call it a marketing plan. Define exactly what profession or title you are seeking. Then define your core competencies, location of the job, size of company, etc. Go for your dream job. Now you are saying, Rebecca you are crazy, I will take my TRANSITION job or my clients are calling it their Recession Job. NO, I won’t let my clients do this. I first ask them to define exactly what they want and put the work towards getting it. Most clients, say 98% of them get exactly what they want in this market. They are really focused and working hard.

There are many jobs in our country and a lot of them are in California and other major metropolitan areas. Don’t give up on yourself. You can do it. Me and my colleagues coach people into wonderful jobs everyday. Guess What? We aren’t having to take a cut in salary either. Most of my clients are getting raises. Do you know why? Because most people that have been employed for at least 5-30 years are seriously underpaid by $10,000-30,000. Yes, believe it because it’s true.


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