Don’t try and make sense of it all. Think like George Costanza, just do the exact opposite of what your head tells you to do when it comes to your job search!

Happy New Year! I know it will be a better year for all of us, especially job seekers. No, I don’t have a crystal ball but I have some good tips to share with you that have helped me personally and professionally and have also helped all of our clients that have been finding jobs in today’s workforce.

2010 Career Management Tips!

1) Don’t take anything personal when it comes to your job search. Don’t try and make sense of the job search process especially the lack of feedback from hiring managers and recruiters. They are so swamped and inundated with resumes. Just keep focused and keep sending out resumes whether you get responses or not.

2) Don’t make assumptions. The worst thing we can do to ourselves is make assumptions about what the other side is thinking when we are looking for a job. For example, if we don’t get responses from our recent job postings or resume submittals we think there is something wrong with our resume. Well there isn’t anything wrong with you or your resume, managers and hr professionals are drowning in resumes. So it’s important to follow up with them directly and not wait for them to call you.

3) Follow up: Don’t be so polite. Most people don’t want to impose on hiring managers and hr professionals. Well you have to learn to get over your politeness and non imposing personalities in this job market. When you follow up and make a call directly to a manager or an hr recruiter believe it or not they appreciate it. It sets you apart from your competitors.

4)Take the action and the interview will follow! Don’t listen to the negative self talk that goes on in your head everyday. Just do the exact opposite of what your negative self talk is telling you. For example, the more resumes you send the more interviews you will have. The more you refresh your resume the more interviews you will have. I listen to clients all day long tell me that “it’s no use” or “the manager won’t find me anyway” or “my skills are outdated and they want someone younger.” Well I am here to tell you that the harder you work at your job search the luckier you are! Just don’t quit.

5) Have fun while you are looking for a job! What a concept I know. We beat ourselves up because we are not employed or going through a career transition and I know you have a lot of pressure from yourself, family, the bank, etc. But remember you only have to work 35-40 hours per week on your job search. So make sure you plan some fun activities into your week. For example, go and see a movie, play golf, eat some ice cream, have a martini, or whatever makes you happy. Call a friend you haven’t seen in awhile and go hiking with them. Start a new hobby or start volunteering. This is the time!

6) Don’t watch the news. Watch more movies. The news can be depressing about the unemployment rates nationally. Remember there are thousands of jobs being advertised today and hiring managers are waiting to hire people just like you. check out and don’t forget to submit your resume to the company’s website.

7) Expense reduction: Make sure you have gone through your household budget and cut out the fat as you go through this transition. Have you called your local water, electricity, and cable and internet providers to reduce your rates? Start buying copy or computer paper at Wal Mart for $2.97 per reem. It includes 500 sheets. Start shopping at discount stores so you don’t feel deprived. Check out the dollar store. It’s a great place to buy inexpensive items and they have great books too. Buy your movie tickets at costco. You can get them for $7.00 per show instead of $10.50. And if you live in other states check the local paper for the discount theaters. You will be surprised. My husband and I went to see Couples Retreat for $1.00 each while we were visiting family in Idaho!

Please share more ideas and happy new year!

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