emails, photos, voice mail messages – how professional do they have to be?

If you have a, facebook, or profile make sure if you are job searching that the information you have on these social networking sites is appropriate. Most recruiters will seek out your sites and check them to see what you are really like outside of the office.

Photos – make sure you place a professional photo on all of your online profiles. Why? Because you need to be a professional so when hiring managers and recruiters look at your sites they see a professional, fun and interesting person. First impressions are important. So if you are holding your children at a wedding you might not be taken seriously.

Email- make sure that you don’t use your personal email that looks like this: or You might want to change your email to a more professional email. You can get a separate job search email at or for free.

Cell Phones -Make sure that you change your cell phone and home phone messages to a more professional message. Please don’t have a message that plays music for 2 minutes. We as recruiters might hang up. Just identify your name and ask them to leave a message. It’s that simple.

Tips like these can make a difference to hiring managers and recruiters. So restrict your myspace, edit your facebook when you are in job search and make sure you upload a professional picture on Don’t forget to change the cell phone message too!

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