Finding a new job! Where to start and how to do it?

Hi Everyone, How about this weather? It’s so nice. Well back to reality after the holiday weekend!! Ok we at dear jane live and breathe career coaching, training etc. We can’t get enough of it. Everyday we are privelaged to listen to our clients and learn about their career searches and transitions. We always have up to date job market information from clients all over the country.

People are landing jobs and changing professions in todays market! Yes, we know there are a lot more long term contract positions being offered than permanent but don’t let that scare you! It’s a paycheck and an opportunity to build  new skills and to be of service to your employer.

I wanted to write down a couple of tips for you when you decide to explore your career options and/or make a change in  your industry or profession.

1) You have to ask yourself if you have the financial resources for 3-6 months to be able to live on while you make these changes.

2) You have to know what your core competencies and transferrable skills are and learn how to communicate them to a future employer.

3) You need to research the new industry and profession.

4) Also,  you will need to interview at least two people in the new industry or profession to learn more about your new job and how to make this transition. You will need to ask them if you are even qualified or have a chance at doing this.

5) You will need to ask your contacts about the educational requirements required to enter this new phase/career/industry.

Once you have all of those questions answered you can start down  your new path. Remember, if you want to meet your goals then you have to head in that direction. So if you want to be a personal image consultant and you think you have to work at starbucks to support yourself until you get your clientele where you want it, think again.

Why not try working at Macy’s, Nordstroms, or H&M retail stores to really learn how to sell clothing and learn about the psychology (body image, etc.) of people today and what their buying habits are and how they see themselves. So you will be educating yourself while you are getting paid! What a great idea!


Don’t forget to check out and sign up for our webinars and buy our career e-guides. We also have private consultations as well. INVEST IN YOURSELF. Don’t wait any longer. Get support while you go through this transition.

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