Get into ACTION! Below are the several ways to get a job.

I have been remiss in blogging because we have been filming The Best Darn Career Show segments. Check it out at 

I also wanted to share some great websites with you.,,, (check out the forum sections on, if you need to prepare and conduct research on a company these are great sites. They give you the good, bad, and ugly information that you have been dying to know.

Career Action Plan

 There are many ways to find a job! See below.

 Networking:  It’s all about who you know, so contact everybody you know and start to network with them to gain information on the hidden job market, which are the jobs that aren’t advertised. Then build a target list of companies that you want to work for and send it to your network contacts and ask if they can help you or if they know of anyone that works at one of your targeted companies. Remember, networking is about gathering information. 80% of the people that use their network will get hired within 6 weeks to three months.  

  • Recruiters:  Sign up with and meet the recruiters and headhunters in your local area. I.e. Kelly Services, Volt, Manpower, TEKsystems, and Robert Half International. Recruiters will be calling you once you post your resume on the job boards. Also, check out
  •  Internet Job Boards:  Post your resume on the internet job boards. Also you can search for jobs on these job board sites. The top 4 posting sites are listed:,, and It is extremely important to refresh your resume weekly on the boards. So you will have to make changes to it and then submit changes and save. This will refresh your resume. Recruiters only review the last 2 days when searching resumes.  On you will have to upload a new one each week. Call Rebecca if you have questions.
  •  Professional Associations:  Post on user group websites and professional association websites. 
  •! Check out the new one stop solution to finding jobs on the internet. Please use – it’s a mega search engine for searching jobs all over the internet from various job board sources. 
  • Company websites:  Go to company websites and submit your resume online. Go to their Career Sections and even if they don’t have a job posted upload your resume anyway.  This will enter your resume into the Human Resources applicant tracking system.  
  • Job Fairs:  Attend job fairs and find the job fairs online at or in the local newspaper.   
  •  Sign up with 50% of the people that use use it for job searching and networking for jobs.




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