Happy Mother’s Day to all Domestic Engineers!

If you are thinking of getting back into the workforce after being a stay at home mom or dad you are in luck. This job market is scary to some people but not to individuals who know their value.

I have worked with a lot of stay at home moms and dads that want to re-enter the workforce after raising their children. Most of them are scared for many reasons.

1) They don’t feel that their skillset is up-to-date 2) They don’t feel like they have the edge on their competition 3) Most of them don’t even know how to go about looking for a job because things have changed drastically due to the internet when it relates to finding a job.

Well I have some advice for all of you in this situation. #1 – Don’t do it alone! Hire a coach or join a job support group in your city. Just contact your local church or edd center or even the one stop career center and they can guide you to a group.

#2 – Check out www.indeed.com and start conducting your market research and review about 10-20 job descriptions that you are interested in.

#3 – Talk to people in the field you are wanting to re-enter and take them out to coffee or lunch and pick their brains about what’s really going on!

#4 – It might help to consult a friend that is a fashionista or someone who you think dresses well and professional – this will help you when it comes time to interviewing. 

#5 – Consult a professional resume writer.

#6 – Ask yourself what your dream job would be and write it down and don’t settle for less. Even though you have been out of the job market for awhile you can still re-enter and be that professional person you once were.

#7 – Be prepared to spend 6 hours per day on your job search!

#8 – Don’t forget to write Sabbatical – Domestic Engineer/Professional Volunteer and then the date.

#9- Don’t forget to list your volunteerism, community involvement, articles published, presentations given, etc.

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