Internet resources that will land you a job and help you through the process!

How to deal with the desperate anxiety that naturally occurs during your job search. Keep this list parked where you sit at home working away at your job search and look at it whenever you start to feel anxious and alone. See the internet resource list below.


·       Remember – it’s not you

·       Get up from the computer and go do something

·       Call someone right now and have a conversation

·       Expand your network – find one person to meet today

·       Make lunch plans

·       Meet someone in your network for coffee

·       Attend job search support groups/ career networking meetings – make new friends

·       Create an effective network

·       Plan networking get-togethers with fellow job searchers or past colleagues

·       Surround yourself with positive people

·       Tell friends and family what you need from them to help you feel good

·       Use an upcoming holiday to celebrate

·       Consider opening yourself up to new target markets

·       Consider expanding your search to include other areas including global opportunities

List of internet resources:


Internet Resources

SEARCH ENGINES (one search “jobs”) (one search “jobs”)


DATABASES+JOB BOARDS+RESUMES (sort by month) (creative/consulting/IT/admin) and Bilingual)

Job Search Support Groups:

Please google – CPC Job Connections Group, Graceworks, and your local One Stop Career Center to get more information on these organizations





SALARY SURVEY (Executive Level)





SOCIAL and professional Networking Sites



Get the inside scoop on companys below: -check out the forum section



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