How to Work with Recruiters! Tips below.

1)     How to find a recruiter

·         Job boards – they will be calling you.

·         Job postings and descriptions – i.e. monster or indeed, recruiter’s names will be listed on posted positions.

·         From friends and colleagues.

·         Target list – call the company and ask hr or the receptionist who there recruiting partners are and how many they work with.

·         Google –online sources.


2 ) Tips to remember

·         Recruiters are your friends – they want to help you.

·         Recruiters know a lot about their clients and can help you close the deal and get the job.

·         If you don’t like the recruiter don’t work with them and move on.  You don’t have to answer any of their questions if you think they are too personal. But remember they are trying to learn about you and get you in a job.

·         If they don’t call you back, call them and don’t take it personally.

·         Don’t forget to write down their contact information and follow up with them.

·         If you are really shy and introverted you will need to work with a recruiter.

·         Work with 1-2 recruiters minimum.

·         When they call, let them initially drive the interview.

·         If it’s not a good time to talk to them, don’t answer the phone or ask them if you can call them back (we also are looking for professionalism from you too).

·         If recruiters don’t get a good read on you over the phone they won’t call you back. It       happens all the time.


·         Great recruiters will only send 1-2 candidate’s resumes per position.


3) Questions to ask the recruiters to see if they are credible

·         How long have you been in the recruiting industry or been recruiting?

·         What type of clients and industries do you work with and recruit for?

·         Are you focused in a particular field, industry?

·         How long have you been working with your client?

·         How many resumes do you send for one position?

·         Figure out if they have a relationship with their client, if they do you will get quick and quality feedback from your interviews.

·         If they can’t help you, ask them if they can refer you to other recruiters.


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