I need a raise…Can I negotiate for more money in this economy?

I need a raise! Can I negotiate for more money in this economy?

Most people right now are being treated like they are lucky to have a job. Right? Well wrong, we aren’t lucky to have a job, the employer is lucky to have us. Why? Because we are doing three times the amount of work for 3 times less pay.

I talk to clients all the time that tell me, “Rebecca I need a raise but I don’t know how to negotiate.”  Or “Rebecca, I will take any job that I can get right now.” They are so afraid that they won’t be able to get a job in this economy.

I tell my clients that if you are ready to lose your house or spinning out of control with fear and anxiety then yes, taking a job right now with less pay is understandable and the right thing to do. 

So how does one get a raise or the money they deserve? It’s easy, you need to do your research if you want more money. Our clients that are prepared get the money and salary they want.

Go to salary.com, indeed.com, and salaryexpert.com to find your market value. Visit dearjane and sign up for the salary and negotiation class or buy the career e-guide and learn more. Get What You’re Worth!  Let the experts show you how to effectively negotiate salary and compensation. Let the pros show you how to comfortably negotiate salary as well as compensation packages to ensure you get your value.

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