Interviewing for a sales position? Prepare answers for the questions below.

If you are looking for a sales position and need help with interviewing, you should be prepared to answer the questions below.  

          How long have you been in sales? What type of products and services did you sell?  How long were your sales cycles?  Did you achieve or exceed quota?  When didn’t you achieve quota and why?  How did you prospect? Where did you get your leads from?  Can you tell me about the selling methodology you used and applied?   Tell me about your forecasting and your account planning experience? Do you have any?  Did you write individual account plans for each company on your target/forecasting list? What was the most revenue you have ever generated in your sales career?  What books are you reading now or have you read about selling/sales?   Do you have a person in the sales profession that you consider a mentor? If so, why? Where do you see yourself in five years? What’s your selling strategy? Cite books you have read or methodologies you follow or adhere to/practice. Cite people you follow.  What book are you currently reading?
Why are you successful?
Do you want to be in sales management? Why haven’t you been in sales management?  What are your weaknesses? What is your Sales/Work Style?

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