Job Fairs – Are they Loser conventions?

I can’t tell you how many people get embarassed about attending job fairs. I had one of my clients in a two day training course call it a loser convention. I love job fairs and think they are a great way for job seekers/candidates meet hiring managers and human resource professionals and recruiters face to face. There are very good tips on how to work job fairs for example, you should always sign up before the event and get a full list of employers that are attending; do your research on the companies you want to target at the job fair so you sound prepared when you meet them; arrive 45 min early and make sure you are dressed like you are going to an interview.  Job Journals is a link that lists all the job fairs in the Greater Bay Area.   Try out a couple you might find that you really like them and might get hired from one. 🙂  Employers are not at job fairs for their health or to skip out on work. They are looking for hot candidates to fill their positions.

Employers attend job fairs in various stages of hiring readiness:

Immediate job openings

•          Anticipated job openings

•          Contract/project work

•          Newly created positions


Employers attend job fairs primarily to:

•          Collect resumes -Source candidates

•          Interview candidates to potentially hire them (time varies)

•          Promote the company






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