Keep your eye on the ball and stay focused! Stop listening to the news and reading the paper for now.

I know times are tough right now for everybody whether you are employed or not. So if you are currently looking for a job I know that your level of anxiety is increasing everyday. I really recommend that you shut off the radio, tv, and put off reading the newspaper until you get employed. All of my clients right now that are unemployed and looking for jobs are really scared. As a career coach my job is too keep them focused and to assist them through this stressful time. I care so much about my clients and anyone that is having to look for a job especially during this time. But my advice to everyone is that you have to remember that you are living in CALIFORNIA and we are the 5th LARGEST ECONOMY IN THE WORLD and COMPANIES ARE HIRING PEOPLE EVERYDAY. You are going to be ok if you focus and do the footwork that is necessary to get a job. Some companies are going on freezes but it has to do more with just tightening their belts and getting through this year. It doesn’t mean they are in trouble it just means they are being a little bit more conservative than usual.

Companies do hire during the holidays so don’t quit your search now. Get going. Take this opportunity to work 5 hours a day on your job search and put a schedule together for yourself so you don’t panic. Below are five ways to get a job. I am coaching clients into jobs everyday in the San Francisco Bay Area/Northern California. I have clients that live all over the United States and they are getting jobs. You have to stay positive and be your own cheerleader. Surround yourself with positive people and a strong support system. If you don’t have the money to hire a career coach then check out the One Stop Career Centers in your cities or surrounding cities. Their are 1781 One Stop Career Centers throughout the United States and they are available to the public. They are funded by the EDD, the WIA and WIB and you will receive free counseling, coaching and training. You can attend workshops too. Good luck. Their url is The 5 ways to get a job are 1) Network, Network, Network, (join 2) Post your resume on, and 3) Search for jobs on, 4) Work with recruiters, check out our website and purchase a tips booklet on how to work with recruiters 5) Send your resume to the company directly.

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