Monthly Expense Savings Tips—


Monthly Expense Savings Tips—


Don’t forget to contact the EDD Employment Development Department and extend your unemployment insurance.



·       Create a monthly spending report and budget – your bank’s online bill pay site probably has some kind of expense report that can give you a place to start


·       If you have Comcast, they offer two low cost options for cable, basic ($14/month) and standard ($58/month) or give up cable all together you can rent movies and shows from your local library or sign up for a low cost option from Netflix

·       PG&E – apply online for the CARE and/or LIHEAP

·       Insurance – increase the deductable on your car and home insurance

·       Home phone – cancel or decrease the services

·       Cell phone – ask for an assessment of monthly minutes used and downgrade your plan if possible


·       Look for a 12 month, 0% APR card that you can use for some purchases to extend your runway

House Payments

·       Call your mortgage lender, often times they are willing to come up with a reduced payment plan to help keep you in your home

·       Talk with your landlord about reducing monthly rent for a short period of time









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