Networking Tips



What is Networking?

  • The exchange of information or services among individuals, groups or institutions. Sharing information by having personal and professional conversations.


Why is Networking so important to your job search?

  • It’s the best way to get your own message out there. It’s about gathering information such as: Company, Salary, Market, etc.


What is the “hidden job market”?

  • It refers to positions that are not posted or advertised on job boards, in newspapers, on company websites, etc. — and it’s best uncovered through networking.
  • Hiring managers don’t want these positions advertised for many reasons:
  • They might be confidentially replacing someone already in the role.
  • They might prefer to interview only referrals and people they know.
  • They might not want to be buried under hundreds of resumes.
  • Networking is the key to uncovering open positions in the “hidden job market.”
  • Getting a job in this economy by uncovering the “hidden job market” will require you to push yourself out of your comfort zone.


People want to network with you because…

  • They are networking, too! They might be in the same position in the future and want to build their network.
  • They operate on the “good karma” principle — they are nice people who want to help you.
  • They want to help their friend who referred you.
  • They might make money! If they refer you for a job opening within their company, they’ll probably get paid a referral bonus if you get hired.
  • They might have a position open that isn’t posted.
  • It’s free! They don’t have to pay a recruiter to find you.


What is Social Networking?

          A social network service focuses on building online communities of people who share interests and/or activities, or who are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others. Popular methods now combine many of these, with Facebook widely used worldwide; MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn Nexopia Bebo, Hi5, dol2day Tagged, XING; Skyrock Orkut and Friendster, Multiply, Xiaonei and Cyworld, Nexopia, Bebo,Hi5, MySpace, dol2day, Tagged, XING; Skyrock, Orkut, Hi5 Friendster, Multiply, Xiaonei and Cyworld.                blog: 

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