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Hello everyone, I just finished talking with Jennifer Tuma Young from and we talked about the personal assessment process and how it relates to job search. Below is some information that I know would be helpful for you during your search.

The websites for finding out about corporate culture or just companies in general are below. – type in company name under the forum section

 Please go to the website ( and sign up with them for just you $9.95.  I have our dear jane clients take the Aptitude, IQ and Personality Tests.-IQ Tests (optional). These reports will give you a lot of objective feedback about yourself.

Please go to and take the Jung typology test (aka, Meyers Briggs personality test). Please score the test and print the results. Your printout should say you are an E S F P or something similar. This is a free site. Then when you receive your printout and get your type i.e.: ESFJ, you should then go to the public library and copy the chapter ESFJ from the book called “Do What You Are.”

Also have them check out this site. They can take some free skills tests, etc. They have a lot of resources here and can print out some good reports.


Strength Finders and Now Discover Your Strengths are popular. These are books to help people with their career exploration as well and they have DVD’s included.

Check out the Johnson O’Connor Research foundation. Use google to find the website. It is the best aptitude testing center I know of for people looking to change careers and interested in career exploration. I tested with them 20 years ago and I have actually worked in 3 out of the 5 professions they suggested.

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