Practicing self-care is crucial during your job search – dear jane diary entries

The Importance of Self-Care during Your Job Search

To avoid total mutiny of body and soul during this process, I have had to initiate some serious self-care during this process.  After a few months of looking for a job in this economy, I find myself not wanting to read ONE MORE JOB AD.    If I have to upload one more resume, get contacted by one more insurance company about selling life insurance, or have to click on one more pop-up window for higher education, I may not be responsible for my own actions.

So, in addition to my regularly scheduled phone appointments with my dear Jane coach which are saving my sanity during this process, I have to actually schedule in some “mandatory” fun.    This includes anything that is fun for me…bookstores, parks, walks, movies…you name it…as long as it relaxes me and gives me a break from the task at hand.

I don’t expect this job search to last forever (thanks to dear Jane); but, in the meantime…I need to remember that I’m no use to myself or my future employer if I’m emotionally and mentally exhausted

before I even begin the job!

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