83 Tips For Working With Corporate and External Recruiters, booklet


by: Rebecca Martin, with: Cathy Bergren & Julie Youngblood.

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“83 Tips for Working with Corporate and External Recruiters” by Rebecca Martin


2014 Edition.

WHAT’S INSIDE: The job search process is not intuitive. You may think it’s easy to get a job or that you should intuitively know how to get one. It’s often not that way. Successfully partnering with recruiters and utilizing the internet to find a job are the two most efficient ways to get a job besides networking. Companies, Human Resource Departments, and Hiring Managers rely on internet recruiting and partnering with recruiters and headhunters to find qualified candidates because it saves them time and money. Partial topic list addressed in the booklet:
1) Why companies value and depend on recruiters and headhunters to find the best candidates
2) The Hidden Job Market and Confidential Searches
3) The Hiring & Recruiting Process
4) Paying the Recruiters and Headhunters – Who pays them?

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