Should I work with an external recruiter or send my resume directly to the company website?

Should you work with external recruiters if you see a position open at a company or go directly to the company website and post your resume?

Hi Rebecca,

I’ve got a quick question: A friend forwarded to me info on what looks like the perfect job for me. My friend heard about it through an outside recruiter and is ready to make an introduction to the recruiter. But I see the position is also posted on the company’s website with an inside email address for resumes. So I’m trying to figure out whether it would be better to try going through the recruiter or applying directly to the company, which I think would save them money. Which route do you think would give me better odds of getting noticed? I’m so tired of my resumes ending up in a “black hole”!

Rebecca’s advice: Please work with the recruiter first because they have a direct relationship with the hiring managers. Yes, in today’s market your resume might get stuck in the black hole (HR is receiving 400 resumes per position) on the company’s website.

Have your friend submit you right away and make the introduction for you. but remember to have them copy you on the introduction email so you can follow up with the recruiter. You don’t want to depend on your friend after that. You want to take ownership.
You should never ever worry about the money a hiring company has to pay a staffing or recruiting firm. They build it into their budgets every year. Hiring managers value working with external recruiters. External recruiters have the direct relationship with hiring managers most of the time. They can get your resume looked at immediately. Most of the time, recruiters can get you jobs faster than going through the company website.

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