Stuck in a rut in your job search? No results? Try something new – ask for help from someone else.

I know that getting stuck in the mud and in a rut is really a big part of the job search. I just wish more people could invest in getting help and getting out of their own way. I know how beaten down my clients feel by the job search and corporate america. Sometimes we just don’t get built up and get the praise and recognition we deserve by hiring managers, friends, family or recruiters.  I am not saying that is how you feel but it is how a lot of people feel out there. I just wish more people would take care of themselves and really  invest in themselves and find a coach to help them through these hard times. I know I love having a business coach who reminds me about how skilled and talented I am. We tend to forget who we are and how smart and talented we are.  There is a science to coaching people into jobs and 75% of what I do is built around my process and the mechanics of teaching people the “how to’s” and strategies of job search, BUT their is the strong emotional component that we never realize can get us down and keep us down. I always tell my clients that this is the only thing in life that you can put 150% of your heart and soul into and perform at your highest level and you still might not get the results you think you should get. Or even get any results WHEN you think you should get them. That’s why you need to keep going and never quit at job searching until you get the job. You have to become clinical and detached. It’s very hard but that’s why getting help and having a coach or joining a job search support group or just getting out of the house and building  your own coffee support group every week to keep you going is a great thing during your career transition. So try something new, get help from someone else today! Your not alone. Everyone needs help.

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