Tips on How to Answer the question on Why did you leave your last job?

This is always the topic and issue of the day for me. I have clients that get laid off, fired, pushed out because they fell out of favor and are forced to resign for reasons unknown to them. Does this sound vaguely familiar.  It’s happened to me and most people I know. Ok so here is my advice. 1) Don’t ever give them any information they don’t ask for. 2) Don’t ever lie 3) Always be positive and never let them take you down a negative path 4) Prepare your answers and rehearse with your coach, friends or family 5) Make sure you have processed what happened to you especially if it wasn’t your fault, so you don’t bring a lot of emotional charge/baggage to the situation/interview, so if you are not over it, figure out how to get over what happened to you. 6) And don’t worry too much because most of us that have been in business for over 15 years have experienced some type of problem or issue with a manager or boss that hasn’t liked us and vice a versa.
I hope this helps.

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