Warning Signs that your job search isn’t working!

The last time I read the labor statistics report it stated that millions of people were unemployed in CA alone and that 65% of the people had been unemployed for at least 1.5 years.

This is sad and it saddens me to know that people are suffering out there. They don’t need to suffer. Ok warning signs below will help you in your job search.

Your way: You have posted your resume on the job boards and no one is calling you.

The dear jane way: Recruiters and human resource professionals live on the job boards, however, they only look at the last two days of postings. So every three days you need to upload the SAME resume so you will stay at the top of the search engines.

Your way: You can’t get to the second interview.

The dear jane way: Contact us for our list of 34 questions and once you have answered them you will definitely advance to the second interview. www.clientservices@dearjane.info.

Your way: You never leave your home office or your house in job search.

The dear jane way: We expect our clients to work 4-5 hours a day on their job search. We also suggest that they put a schedule together and give themselves at least two-three hours of time away from the house to enjoy their day. Also, you can conduct your search at the nearest starbucks, peets, or diner.

Your way: You make a decision to leave the profession/career that you loved so much because you can’t get interview.

The dear jane way: Making decisions based on assumptions is not the right thing to do especially when you are in job search. Nobody said getting a job was easy. It takes consistency, persistence and hard work. We assume that if recruiters don’t call and we can’t get interviews that we should give it all up and head to the mountains. Before you do that invest the time and energy into your search.

Your way: You change your resume content every other day to please the other side (hiring managers, recruiters, and human resource professionals) and/or you submit 10 different resumes.

The dear jane way: As our clients at dear jane say, “1” resume “3” jobs. The only thing you need to tweek and customize is your summary of qualifications and your cover letter. That’s it. You don’t need 10 resumes because you really shouldn’t be applying to 10 different jobs.

Your way: You have a great conversation with a recruiter or human resource professional and then you never hear back from them.

The dear jane way: First of all we hear this about 10-20 times a day from our clients. Please remember to have a pen and piece of paper with you at all times when you are talking with a recruiter or hr professional. Make sure you ask for their name, email, phone number, website, etc. Ask them how you can stay in touch with them. Then don’t forget to call them and email them.

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