Rebecca Martin 2013 headshotRebecca Martin, founder and owner of Livermore, Calif.-based dear jane… a career advisement company …, believes that people can succeed in landing the “perfect” job if they can first identify what is right for them.

As a corporate recruiter in Silicon Valley in the ’90s, Rebecca saw firsthand the personal and professional disorientation of thousands of workers displaced when the tech bubble burst. From this unique vantage point, Rebecca analyzed corporate clients’ hiring processes; job applicants’ resume-writing abilities and interviewing skills; and hiring managers’ practices and procedures.

By 2002, Rebecca had identified a pivotal factor in the success — or failure — of an individual in his or her chosen career: the ability to articulate a personal vision. Those people who clearly identified their core competencies, values, and preferences as they relate to work tended to achieve their professional goals.

In 2004 Rebecca launched dear jane… with a proprietary career advisement program that includes career assessment, resume writing, interviewing methodologies, and compensation and other negotiations.

Today, dear jane… develops and delivers career management training classes, workshops, seminars, and coaching to Fortune 1000 companies as well as individuals throughout the United States and Europe. Since its inception, dear jane… has enjoyed a 98% success rate in coaching clients through career transitions, successful interviewing, salary negotiations, and the like.

Rebecca’s speaking engagements take her to college career centers, job search work groups,professional association meetings, job fairs, Employment Development Department offices, and One Stop Career Centers. She is a Certified Career Coach at Lee Hecht Harrison and an official EDD Trainer.

A USC graduate with a B.S. in business administration, Rebecca has written and published the booklet “83 Tips on How to Successfully Work with Corporate and External Recruiters” and delivers a related two-hour course to clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. She belongs to the Women’s National Book Association and volunteers at the San Francisco Writer’s Conference.

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