I am 25 years old and had been unemployed for a few years until working through the dear jane process. Rebecca didn’t just help me get a job; she helped me discover strengths I never knew I had, taught me how to make better business decisions, and gave me back the confidence I had lost. Thanks to the dear jane process I was able to create a resume that stood out from the crowd, successfully interview for the perfect job, and even negotiate a 40% salary increase. The skills I learned will help me if I ever decide to change careers or negotiate for more, but the confidence and self-knowledge I gained will be invaluable no matter what I do. Working with dear jane has changed my life for the better.

Kellyn, Social Media Specialist

My son had recently graduated from college, and I had been looking for someone to help him find a job that he could make into a career. What an incredible stroke of luck it was to have been referred to Rebecca. Rebecca helped my son see the value he could bring to a business setting as well as how his education, interests, and talents might fit into an organization (in other words: the bigger picture). And she helped him gain confidence. She helped him define his values as well so that when it was time to seek out a job, he knew what he was looking for in a company.

As a parent of a young adult without much professional vision or knowledge of the job hunting process, I can honestly say Rebecca’s help and guidance have been invaluable. I will be forever grateful for her and the work that she and my son did together. She helped him see his value, and now he has a job that he enjoys.

Jamie, Health and Nutrition Expert

If you’re looking for someone to help you supercharge your personal brand or guide you through a career change, Rebecca Martin is the best in class! I had the privilege of working with Rebecca between careers and the result was eye opening. Rebecca’s approach was thoughtful, strategic, and extremely effective. She spent time getting to know me and my history, helped me visualize my career arc, and scoured the market to serve up relevant opportunities that maximized my value. Thanks to her, I was able to clarify my vision, build a career strategy, and uncover many great opportunities that fit my skill set, my passion, and my market demand. I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone who is looking to grow in their career and life mission.

Erik, Vice President, Data & Analytic Services

I had the opportunity to work closely with Rebecca when she was scaling dear jane, Inc. from a one-person show to a team of career coaches. Our time together was focused on developing the company’s philanthropic strategy and focus. She is a self-aware, intentional leader who takes ownership for herself and her team and develops them along the way. Rebecca has a very strong work ethic, which makes her a great leader to work for.

Nichelle, Community Relations Manager

Rebecca contracted me to work on a social media project with her. She was a fantastic manager. Under her direction I learned how to manage others, maximize my time, and communicate with clients. She even taught me how to present project proposals and make weekly reports. I enjoyed working with Rebecca because she trusted me to do my job but was always there to help me when I needed it. She is very easy to talk to and good at juggling multiple projects. I would love to work for her again!

Emily, Social Media Marketing Specialist

Rebecca has been great to work with. Her detailed process made sure that I directed my time and effort as efficiently as possible while I juggled a full-time job, cross-country move, and a new job search. Rebecca went through a lot of effort to get to know me as a person and an employee so I was able to represent myself honestly, while highlighting myself to employers in a concise, easy to understand, and eloquent way. Using my input and feedback, she was able to overhaul my resume and social media presence to increase traction with employers. Rebecca provided great insight into the hiring process, and her coaching and feedback was invaluable. Rebecca’s phone/text/email availability and prompt responses made me feel that I was a priority to her. Most importantly, Rebecca delivers results. I was able to quickly find a job that has put me in a position to be successful in my career. I would not hesitate to use Rebecca’s services again.

Ryan, Program Manager

Rebecca has volunteered many of her evenings to provide coaching services to low-income families at the Salvation Army. Thanks to her coaching, many of the families that have attended the course have been able to walk away with a resume they could be proud of, greater self-esteem, and a better understanding of what to expect at a job interview. Of those that attended her workshops, at least 10 individuals created new resumes, 2 families started their own business, and 6+ families increased their income. Regardless of the socioeconomic background, age, or gender of the individual or individuals seeking career services, I would 100% recommend Rebecca.

Verenitze, Case Manager

Rebecca was a godsend! I changed careers and I couldn’t have done it without her. She calmed me down when I was panicked, built me up when I needed it, and most of all prepared me for all the tasks that await you when applying for jobs. Her interview preparation is close to perfect. Thank you, Rebecca, for helping me to start a new life!!!

Antje, Diplomat

Rebecca was a tremendous help (personally and professionally) during my transition last year, after almost twenty years with the same company. She provided excellent guidance in helping me define career goals, evaluate prospective job opportunities, and market my skills and qualifications. With her assistance, I quickly landed several interviews and secured a great job working for a terrific organization and have achieved a true work-life balance. I have never been happier. Thank you, Rebecca!

Kevin, Compliance Manager