Motivation, an important component when you are unemployed, is what you get when you work with dear jane… They are intelligent, insightful, extremely enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with; they go out of their way to help everyone they meet. I am most grateful to them for making the resume process easy, fun and informative. Their style for resume writing is to start with an abundance of information and continually edit to make your core competencies shine. They have a gift for editing and writing resumes; they are experts who can probably do it with their eyes closed. Their desire to help their clients find the next right career comes so natural, I personally consider them heaven sent. I enthusiastically recommend dear jane… to anyone looking for top notch recruiting professionals. They are not one to forget you either – They continue to cheer you on after you return to the workforce.

Eva, Banking Professional

The expertise I encountered combined a wealth of professional recruiting and hiring experience, with a deep understanding of corporate work environments in the Bay Area and the U.S. In short, dear jane… understands the complexity of corporations, the hiring manager’s perspective and how to best represent the client’s work history.

Karen, Project Manager

Working with dear jane… enabled me to face my fears around my eclectic professional experience. The preparatory interviewing taught me to have three stories “ready” to tell for each position I have held. This exact experience prepared me for my interview and I have been offered a position wherein my past supervisory experience was recognized and transferred with ease into my new position as a supervisor in behavioral health.

April, MFCC, Licensed Therapist

If you want the inside scoop on how to write a powerful resume and interview successfully from recruiting industry experts, then do yourself a favor and hire dear jane…. They will take you further than you ever could have imagined. I just can’t say enough great things about my experience.dear jane… got me the job… PLUS a $70k pay increase!

Alex, Wealth Management Advisor

Yesterday’s class was fantastic! Your candor and confidence are so very infectious; I now approach the job search with an enthusiasm I didn’t think I could muster. Thanks so much!

Jason, Project Superintendent

After the re-write of my resume and the personal sessions with dear jane…, I fully realized all of my capabilities and that I had been selling myself short for years! During the course of my job search interviews, I met with three Senior VPs in the company. Each person commented about how clearly my resume defined my skills and that they knew I was qualified for their job! I know I wouldn’t have even considered jobs of this caliber without this level of coaching and support.

Kelly, Public Relations Account Executive

After being in the construction business over 23 years and with my last employer for 13, I found my skills for marketing myself quite rusty. Working with dear jane… was a fantastic experience. The energy and knowledge is nothing less than first class. As the result of my choice to retain dear jane… services, I not only was able to land my dream job, but it also came with a $30k pay increase!

Bob, General Contractor

Dear jane… helped me get my first job out of college and gave me the skills to navigate through a disheartening job market. The resume building techniques and interview coaching were invaluable to my search. This company really helps you to understand yourself and what you want out of your career. I am now more confident about my future! dear jane… was more helpful than I could have imagined.

Jenny, Research Assistant

I saw you speak on the topic “Working with Recruiters”; your presentation gave me a trusting understanding about using a recruiter in my job search. In addition, you dispelled the taboos I had about posting my resume on the Internet, especially since it’s OK to only include city and state instead of physical address. Lastly, your slide on the three types of interviews and your explanation of what types of questions that will be asked during each type is extremely helpful. I just finished the first type of interview, and praying that receive a call from a recruiter informing me that HR would like to schedule another interview with me. Because of you, I know how to prepare for the second and third interview types. Your enthusiasm is a great encouragement to me.

Suzette, Consultant

Wow! Experience, expertise, passion, and really big hearts are just some of the talents the dear jane… team brings to its clients. I have had the fortune working with dear jane… during my career transition. They helped me apply a tactical approach to career transition with a “direct” and real approach to finding your next career. With an insider’s perspective, dear jane… has the technical expertise of the job search process, how to work it, and with whom to work. They helped me create and implement a business plan for getting a job. In addition to procedural knowledge, dear jane… further applies skills to really help you dig deep and find the answers to the tough questions we all face during what can be a stressful time – career transition. The dear jane… team is a great motivated and reminded me of the talents I possess. I have recommended dear jane… to two friends who have found the services incredible as well!

Kevin, Senior Sales Professional

Dear jane… knowledge and experience regarding recruiters and navigating the maze of options while in my job search was invaluable to me! I was able to quickly apply what I learned which resulted in several interviews within a two-week period. I’d recommend anything that comes from dear jane… to those looking for a job and thinking about using recruiters. It sure helped me!

Diane, Training and Development Professional

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