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Thoughts from the Bart Station

Thoughts from the Bart station! By Rebecca Martin Founder, dear jane…a career services company…   As I drove into the Bart station this past Tuesday morning I was amazed at how crowded the parking lot was. I was pleasantly surprised. In my world, people are either on the verge of losing their jobs or have […]

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Are you unhappy in your job or career but don’t know why?

You might want to check out the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation website at and talk to a counselor or coach about aptitude testing. Please see the information below. It’s really exciting to find out what your talents and abilities are so when you decide to start your job search you will be more informed about who […]

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Can taking a personality or aptitude assessment help you find the perfect career?

As a career coach and trainer I have been using psychometric tests a.k.a. personal assessments to help clients identify their personality type and natural talents and abilities. These assessments are one way to learn about yourself and help you focus in on what type of job/career is going to make you happy. We all know […]

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