Learn How to Manage Up!

I was coaching a client yesterday and I was giving her advice on how to manage up. I found this article from the internet and wanted to share it with all of you. Communication is the key to managing up. Get to them before they get to you has always been my motto. Provide your managers with solutions not just problems. The 5 Basic Principles on Managing Up   Managing up: as important as managing down Help for Women in Business Managing up means focusing on the relationship with your boss to obtain the best results for yourself, for her and for your organization, according to Joanne Murray, Managing Up, An Overlooked Factor in Career Success (2008).  Michael Watkins, in Harvard Business School article: How to Succeed With Your New Boss (2002), says "Managing up is as important as managing down." Since women are natural nurturers, they generally have a harder time saying no, which tends to make them respond to the needs of everyone relatively equally rather than ranking the boss' needs first, according to Jan McDaniel, Guarding Your Time: How to Say No (2008).  Thus managing up feels risky to many women. For a faster, smoother route to the top, focusing [...]