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An Overview of New 2013 Laws Affecting California Employers

Dear Colleagues, I found this website tonight and I thought it might be useful to all of us who own small businesses. Please pass this link along to your colleagues, friends and families. https://www.calchamber.com/hr-california/Pages/new-laws-2013.aspx?c1=LNK_CM_LM&source=CA_2013&kw=new_laws_company_hr_1a&tsource=PPCL An Overview of New 2013 Laws Affecting California Employers New employment laws could affect your California business’ day-to-day operations and company […]

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Should I work with an external recruiter or send my resume directly to the company website?

Should you work with external recruiters if you see a position open at a company or go directly to the company website and post your resume? Hi Rebecca, I’ve got a quick question: A friend forwarded to me info on what looks like the perfect job for me. My friend heard about it through an […]

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So they made you an offer….

So they made you an offer… Even the most savvy job seeker can experience a temporary lapse in judgement when faced with an enticing job offer. But before you sign on the dotted line, stop and think. Do you have all the information necessary to make an informed decision? I mean all the information, not […]

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