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Are you bored? Are you interested in finding part-time work while you look for a full-time job?

Most of us panic when we are unemployed and looking for work. Well their are solutions believe it or not. Why don’t you check out the list below and share it with all of your friends and family. While you are job hunting you might want to learn more about tutoring, basketweaving, or blogging. Check out […]

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emails, photos, voice mail messages – how professional do they have to be?

If you have a linkedin.com, facebook, or myspace.com profile make sure if you are job searching that the information you have on these social networking sites is appropriate. Most recruiters will seek out your sites and check them to see what you are really like outside of the office. Photos – make sure you place […]

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Monthly Expense Savings Tips—

  Monthly Expense Savings Tips—   Don’t forget to contact the EDD Employment Development Department and extend your unemployment insurance.   Budgeting ·       Create a monthly spending report and budget – your bank’s online bill pay site probably has some kind of expense report that can give you a place to start Utilities ·       If […]

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