Don’t Quit Your Job Search! Why? Because companies are hiring during the holiday season!   Myth: Companies don’t hire during the Holidays. Fact: Candidates get hired all the time during the holidays (November through February), the number of positions might not be as high but hiring managers and recruiters are always looking for candidates to fill positions by February 2015.   Myth: Hiring Managers are too busy with holiday parties, shopping, their families, corporate shutdowns or vacations and won’t have time to interview with candidates. Fact: Not true, this is the best time to interview with hiring managers and executives because most of them don’t travel during the holidays. Accessibility is key at this time. Their schedules are free to interview and hire during November through February.   Career Tips: 1) Most candidates quit their job search during November through January. The benefit of this is less competition for those who stay in the game. Their is more job opportunities for those candidates who continue searching for their dream job during these next few months. 2) Stay positive because all hiring managers and human resource professionals are more relaxed, flexible and willing to accommodate you during the hiring process. They have less stress during this festive and holiday time. 3) Remember, some companies and hiring managers haven’t filled all their 2014 job requisitions and they don’t want to lose them, so they hurry and scurry around to find candidates during the last quarter (assuming their fiscal year is aligned with the calendar year.   Remember, you can find jobs/careers that bring you enjoyment and prosperity. Don’t forget to set yourself apart from your competitors;  call and have a live telephone conversation and BE POLITELY PERSISTENT! Contact them, don’t wait for them to contact you! It’s important to first apply online at their company website and then call them so if you have something to talk about. If it’s a target company and you just want to talk to them about upcoming positions in 2015 then call them anyway. Good luck. Happy Holidays, Rebecca