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Interviewing: Thank you notes, following up and getting past the rejection.


It is very important to remember that interviewing is good practice for you. I would like you to approach them like you would if you were having a business conversation. You are interviewing the hiring company to find out information so you can make a sound decision about them.


This is not just one-sided.


Remember to get closure for yourself. If you haven’t heard from the hiring company or manager then contact them within two weeks of interviewing.


Make sure you send the thank you note within the same day or 24 hours from your interview. Whether it’s a face to face interview or over the telephone you must send a thank you note via email. You can send a snail mail copy but make sure you send an email because sometimes companies lose the mail items.


Don’t waste your time and energy worrying if you didn’t get the offer from an interview. Remember it’s important to keep your interviewing activity high so you won’t get upset about the rejection. Rejection comes with the territory.


Keep focused and please be honest about who you are and what you want. If you don’t then you aren’t really vetting the hiring company. It is important to be authentic with the hiring company for yourself and them.


If you don’t get hired it’s the best thing that happened to you.  Why? Because I know that it wasn’t the right cultural fit or you didn’t have the experience they were looking for. It’s pretty straightforward.


Taking this personally isn’t going to help you stay positive in your job search. So it is crucial that you keep your eye on the target and find the right company, the right job with the best salary.


Sample of thank you note to be sent after the interview. (Send within the same day or within 24 hours via email)


Dear Hiring Manager (Insert Hiring Manager’s first name)


I want to thank you for inviting me into your office yesterday for an interview.  It was a pleasure to meet you, along with Jane, John and Pat. I enjoyed learning about your background and the growth plans for ABC Company. Specifically, (Insert something you talked about in the interview).


Based on my research of your industry (insert industry name), I’m very much intrigued with your business model and would welcome continued discussions.  I believe my background in (insert three to four core competencies here) can be of high value to ABC Company as you look to both develop new products to meet your clients’ needs and scale the business going forward.


I look forward to seeing you again soon.





How to follow up after you have interviewed and you haven’t heard anything for two weeks.

(I only suggest that my clients send this IF they haven’t heard anything).  Why? Because it is important for you to get closure and move on!


p.s. Please put the following in the subject of the email.

Jane Doe (Insert your name) – following up regarding interview on 12/21/14



Hello Hiring Manager, (Insert Hiring Manager’s first name)


I am following up with you to check in about my recent interview with you and your team. I look forward to continuing our discussions regarding the (insert the position you interviewed for) position you’re looking to fill.


If you have already filled the position, I wish you and your colleagues all the best at ABC Company in the coming New Year.