Don’t Let Desperation Define Your Future Career

Don’t Let Desperation Define Your Future Career   Have you been unemployed for so long that you feel like it’s become a stigma that employers can sense a mile away? Have you gotten to the point where you'd be willing to take any job you could get, if you could just get a job? The best thing to do when that feeling of desperation starts keeping you up at night might not be the most obvious: it’s time to slow down. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Listen to your heart beat. Everything will be ok.   As a job coach, I help clients focus on the long-term and not fall into the desperation trap. When you get that feeling, you inevitably start lowering your standards and allowing potential companies to treat you poorly. Do not let them! When you walk into an interview you should expect to receive the same professionalism that you carry into it. It isn’t just a way for the company to learn about you—it’s a way for you to learn about the company. Interviewers shouldn’t make you sit and wait or treat you disrespectfully in any way. If that happens, think about what [...]

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Interviewing: Thank you notes, following up and getting past the rejection.

Interviewing: Thank you notes, following up and getting past the rejection.   It is very important to remember that interviewing is good practice for you. I would like you to approach them like you would if you were having a business conversation. You are interviewing the hiring company to find out information so you can make a sound decision about them.   This is not just one-sided.   Remember to get closure for yourself. If you haven’t heard from the hiring company or manager then contact them within two weeks of interviewing.   Make sure you send the thank you note within the same day or 24 hours from your interview. Whether it’s a face to face interview or over the telephone you must send a thank you note via email. You can send a snail mail copy but make sure you send an email because sometimes companies lose the mail items.   Don’t waste your time and energy worrying if you didn’t get the offer from an interview. Remember it’s important to keep your interviewing activity high so you won’t get upset about the rejection. Rejection comes with the territory.   Keep focused and please be honest about [...]

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