What To Do When Your Grandmother, Father or Mother Try To Give You Career Advice

What to Do When Your Grandmother, Father or Mother Try to Give You Career Advice I often wonder why people think they can offer career advice when they’ve been out of the loop for awhile.  Well-meaning family and friends may offer their input on how to land a job, even though they haven't had a job in over 10 years, or have been retired for the last 5 years, and/or have been in the same job for the last 10-15 years. Sure, their advice might have worked for getting a job awhile ago. But you need advice for getting a job NOW, in today’s job market. Don't get me wrong, listening to your family is always a nice thing to do. Your family loves you more than anyone on earth; however, taking career advice from them might not always be the greatest idea. So simply say “thank you” but don’t follow their advice. I have worked with many people looking for work over the past 20 years, and it always worries me when clients listen to anyone who hasn't actively looked for a job or who has actively looked for a job and is still unemployed after a year [...]

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Job Dishin with dear jane!

I recently taped a session with my dear friend Robin Fahr in Pleasanton, CA for her show on local Channel 30. She is so gracious and always asks me to share on the latest career topics, trends, etc. I tend to talk about what's going on with me and my clients as usual. :) So below is what I wrote before I went on the show. To memorize my script I used the acronym PIFF and before the tape started rolling I was telling Robin about PIFF and it was so funny because she actually thought it was part of dear jane's methodology, so she mentioned the word PIFF on TV. It makes me chuckle to this day. But it also helps me to remind my clients about what's important during the job search.   Postive Mental Attitude Indeed.com Focus Follow Up  _____________________________________ There are so many jobs and this is a great job market, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area. I work with people all over the world and I believe everyone can get a job if they are willing to put at least 35-40 hours a week into their job search. Below are some tips that [...]

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