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Interviewing: Thank you notes, following up and getting past the rejection.

Interviewing: Thank you notes, following up and getting past the rejection.   It is very important to remember that interviewing is good practice for you. I would like you to approach them like you would if you were having a business conversation. You are interviewing the hiring company to find out information so you can make a sound decision about them.   This is not just one-sided.   Remember to get closure for yourself. If you haven’t heard from the hiring company or manager then contact them within two weeks of interviewing.   Make sure you send the thank you note within the same day or 24 hours from your interview. Whether it’s a face to face interview or over the telephone you must send a thank you note via email. You can send a snail mail copy but make sure you send an email because sometimes companies lose the mail items.   Don’t waste your time and energy worrying if you didn’t get the offer from an interview. Remember it’s important to keep your interviewing activity high so you won’t get upset about the rejection. Rejection comes with the territory.   Keep focused and please be honest about [...]

8 Networking Tips for Introverts

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! I really liked reading this article and wanted to share it with you. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did. It has some great tips.   8 Networking Tips for Introverts   Article written by: Padmaja Ganeshan-Singh, PayScale Dec 29, 2014 Socializing with new people for extended periods of time can often be draining to introverts. They are most energized by working on their own, or in small groups, with people they know and are comfortable with. It's not to say that introverts are not successful in a business setting where there is a lot of team activity and collaboration. Introverts can be extremely social, entertaining, even the life of a get-together, but they need some downtime to recharge. Introvert (Photo Credit: Chaiwat/freedigitalphotos.net) Networking is not necessarily their forte, but it is a necessary part of a professional career. If you are an introvert and find it difficult to make connections, here are a few tips that can help you: Prioritize events that you have to go to: There are a zillion networking events happening all year long. Some events help your professional growth, some are a formality, some [...]

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Hope Springs Eternal! A Time to Rediscover, Renew and Change

   Hope Springs Eternal! A Time to Rediscover, Renew & Change Do you ever stop and take an inventory of your life? Or are you on auto pilot? We rarely step back and reflect on how we operate in our daily lives. We just keep plugging away and sometimes wake after five years and ask ourselves, “Who am I? What am I doing with my life and career?” Sometimes we might even ask ourselves, “Do I even like my life?” We can get into a rut, and lose our passion and joy. I recommend to all my clients to rediscover their passion and joy. How to do this? By conducting an assessment about what they like and dislike about their jobs, careers, relationships and lives. Once they find this out, they can make changes and get themselves back on the right track. If someone wants to improve a skill, change a negative behavior pattern, or just get another job, this exercise will also help them get back on track. It’s your turn. Take a moment to think about what you like and dislike about your current relationships, job, career or even your life in general. Now, imagine YOU are [...]

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Holidays are the best time to Get a job. Why? Your competition has quit their job hunt.

Don’t Quit Your Job Search! Why? Because companies are hiring during the holiday season!   Myth: Companies don’t hire during the Holidays. Fact: Candidates get hired all the time during the holidays (November through February), the number of positions might not be as high but hiring managers and recruiters are always looking for candidates to fill positions by February 2015.   Myth: Hiring Managers are too busy with holiday parties, shopping, their families, corporate shutdowns or vacations and won’t have time to interview with candidates. Fact: Not true, this is the best time to interview with hiring managers and executives because most of them don’t travel during the holidays. Accessibility is key at this time. Their schedules are free to interview and hire during November through February.   Career Tips: 1) Most candidates quit their job search during November through January. The benefit of this is less competition for those who stay in the game. Their is more job opportunities for those candidates who continue searching for their dream job during these next few months. 2) Stay positive because all hiring managers and human resource professionals are more relaxed, flexible and willing to accommodate you during the hiring process. [...]

Job Dishin with dear jane!

I recently taped a session with my dear friend Robin Fahr in Pleasanton, CA for her show on local Channel 30. She is so gracious and always asks me to share on the latest career topics, trends, etc. I tend to talk about what's going on with me and my clients as usual. :) So below is what I wrote before I went on the show. To memorize my script I used the acronym PIFF and before the tape started rolling I was telling Robin about PIFF and it was so funny because she actually thought it was part of dear jane's methodology, so she mentioned the word PIFF on TV. It makes me chuckle to this day. But it also helps me to remind my clients about what's important during the job search.   Postive Mental Attitude Indeed.com Focus Follow Up  _____________________________________ There are so many jobs and this is a great job market, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area. I work with people all over the world and I believe everyone can get a job if they are willing to put at least 35-40 hours a week into their job search. Below are some tips that [...]

How to Ask for the Severance Package that You Deserve

How to Ask for the Severance Package that You Deserve   Today’s blog entry was inspired by a client whom I coached through a difficult situation at her work. She said it would be great to just give people an idea of what they can do for themselves, so if you’re reading this entry, hopefully it will help you or someone you know.   During my 13 years of coaching clients and in my own professional experience, I have witnessed every kind of workplace abuse: from mismanagement and harassment by bosses and employers down to bizarre and disturbing behavior from fellow coworkers. It’s unfortunate, but those of us who walk a straight line, work hard to take care of ourselves or our families, and just want to derive some kind of satisfaction from our work often end up turning a blind eye to unethical practices and general unprofessionalism for far too long before finally putting a foot down and saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.   If we try, we can usually think back to that fateful conversation or that ugly decision that we just couldn’t go through with: the moment when everything changed. No matter what led up to it, [...]

Learn How to Manage Up!

I was coaching a client yesterday and I was giving her advice on how to manage up. I found this article from the internet and wanted to share it with all of you. Communication is the key to managing up. Get to them before they get to you has always been my motto. Provide your managers with solutions not just problems. The 5 Basic Principles on Managing Up   Managing up: as important as managing down Help for Women in Business Managing up means focusing on the relationship with your boss to obtain the best results for yourself, for her and for your organization, according to Joanne Murray, Managing Up, An Overlooked Factor in Career Success (2008).  Michael Watkins, in Harvard Business School article: How to Succeed With Your New Boss (2002), says "Managing up is as important as managing down." Since women are natural nurturers, they generally have a harder time saying no, which tends to make them respond to the needs of everyone relatively equally rather than ranking the boss' needs first, according to Jan McDaniel, Guarding Your Time: How to Say No (2008).  Thus managing up feels risky to many women. For a faster, smoother route to the top, focusing [...]

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Does your resume stand out from the crowd?

I wanted to send this to everyone. I found this on Brad Remillard's website. A Client referred me to this website. www.impacthiringsolutions.com How Recruiters Read Resumes In 10 Seconds or Less The 10 or 20 seconds it takes to read a resume seems to always generate a lot of controversy. Candidates comment on how disrespectful it is, how one can’t possibly read a resume in that time and some get angry at recruiters when we talk about this. I hope this article will help everyone understand how we do this. I realize that some still may not like it and will still be angry, but at least you can understand how it works. First, let me say I’ve been a recruiter for 30 years.  I’m sure I have reviewed over 500,000 resumes. I can’t prove this but I’m reasonably confident that this is the case, as this is only an average of about 46 a day. I know many days I have reviewed hundreds of resumes and most in less than 20 seconds. I would say the average is probably around 5 to 7 seconds. So for the record when you hear or read about, “reading a resume in [...]

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